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Mock Interview

Career Assessment and Exploration

Interview Preparation

Job Search Strategies

Career Transition

Resume Writing and Optimization

Linkedin Optimization

Professional Development

Work-life balance & Stress Management

Personal Branding

Industry Expertise

Technology & Software

Accounting & Finance

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I ll handle all the intricate interview planning for you so you can focus on doing your best

1:1 Career Coaching

The focus areas:

  • Mock Interview
  • Career Assessment and Exploration
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Career Transition

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Personal & Professional Branding

The focus areas:

  • Resume Writing and Optimization
  • Cover Letters
  • Linkedin Optimization
  • Social Media & Online Presence
  • Creative Portfolios

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I ll design your personal branding so you can focus on presenting your strengths and have a compelling impression on potential employers

client Testimonials

“Phenomenal service! The feedback provided was thoughtfully prepared and specifically tailored for me and it illustrated a passion for wanting your clients to succeed. 12/10 would recommend and would work with you in the future.”


“The coaching session was extremely helpful to me! She gave me the tools to succeed in an interview! Thank you!”


“I had a fantastic session with Cleo in preparation for an upcoming interview. She was instrumental in helping me highlight my strengths and develop strategies to address areas for improvement, enabling me to present myself in the most positive light. Cleo provided valuable insights into how the recruiter would evaluate my application. She went above and beyond to ensure I felt fully prepared by the end of our session.”


my mission

Transparency to the job search process.

I guide individuals not merely to any job but to one that aligns with their aspirations, interests, and purpose. Central to my approach is the belief in helping you control the process, understand every step, and create pathways to build confidence, courage, and resilience throughout.

My professional experience involves a relentless commitment to creating a positive experience for any individual at any career stage. Together, we can shape a world where everyone wakes up loving their work—fulfilled with their careers. I'm here to turn that vision into reality.

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Individuals of all backgrounds, are encouraged to reach out. If you're interested in career coaching, don’t be afraid to get in touch. I’m here to support you on your professional journey.

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